Welcome to Freedom Township, Est. 1808

Your township government consists of three Trustees and a Fiscal Officer who are elected for four-year terms. The terms are staggered so that every two years either one Trustee and the Fiscal Officer or two Trustees are up for election. The Board of Township Trustees is the overall governing body of the township. It decides issues of township policy and is responsible for all expenditures of township funds. It also appoints the township's zoning officials and hires township employees. The salaries of the Trustees and Fiscal Officer are governed by Ohio Law based on the Certificate of Estimated Resources of the township.

The Trustees meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 7:30 pm at the Town Hall, located at the triangle of State Routes 303, 88 and 700. These meetings are open to the public, and residents are encouraged to attend.

Current Trustees are:  Roy Martin, Chair; John Zizka, Vice Chair; and James Hammar.

See the Township Officials (REV 06/19/12) listing for contact information for your Trustees, Fiscal Officer, Zoning and other township departments and employees.