Welcome to Freedom Township, Est. 1808

Attached is the Freedom Township Planning Study 2009 presented to the Trustees in 2010 by Mike Mikulski who, at that time, served as Chairman of the Zoning Commission. Also attached is the document Planning Study Notes, which he used in determining what information should be included in the Study.

Additional information being considered for inclusion in the Study are:A full list of local businesses. Storm water issues Growth scenarios Buildings and structures of historic significance Traffic volumes, road conditions capacity and level of service ratings Existing Land Use Inventory (Details) Major utility easements and rights-of-ways(Details) Tourism and economic development potential (not a major priority) Service list including business name and full contact information

Mike would like input on information to be added. Send info to him by e-mail mike@mikulskicom.com                 Include exactly where the info came from so it can be verified. All information must be in digital format.

Keep in mind a planning study is NEVER a fully completed document. It should ALWAYS be considered a work in progress.