Welcome to Freedom Township, Est. 1808

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Freedom was the last of the townships of Portage County to be organized, the reason being that all of the central part was a great swamp. Hunters in the surrounding towns had put out the word that Freedom was all swamp, not suitable for farming, and never would be settled. But to many arriving from the New England states, this little spot, originally known as Town 4, Range 7, the 215th township in the Western Reserve to be organized, was once referred to as "The Eden of the World."

The original proprietors of Freedom Township were Ephriam Root and Thomas Loyd of Connecticut, and it was once referred to as "North Rootstown" in honor of Mr. Root. Up to 1825, this township was included in Hiram. The first settlement in the township was made by Charles H. Paine, approximately two miles north of Drakesburg. Amanda Paine was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paine, the first white child born there. It was left to Mrs. Paine (as history states) to name the township, having the honor of being the first woman resident. Being deeply patriotic, a staunch abolitionist, and anti-slavery woman, she named the town "Liberty" but changed it to "Freedom" when she found there was another township in the state called Liberty.